Heat Treatment Ovens

Heat Treatment Ovens

At Unitech Machinery, we develop and manufacture heat treatment ovens. Many ferrous and non-ferrous metals, (along with composites and plastics) undergo heat treatment before being put to use. All our heat treatment ovens are bespoke to meet your exact needs, providing a long and trouble free service at a realistic and competitive price.

Heat treatment involves the heating and cooling of metals. This includes a variety of processes from drying to stress relieving of many substrates, including metals, plastics and carbon fibre composites.

Oven heating can be provided by gas, electricity, steam or fuel oil.

Heat Treatment Ovens

All of our ovens are built to the same high standards, with a range of materials dependent upon the required temperature necessary for the process.

Heat Treatment Ovens

Our ovens are designed to run continuously for many hours. Control systems offer a range of options for data logging and acquisition.

These industrial ovens are supplied to many industry sectors, notably Aerospace, Automotive, Composite Manufacturing and production of plastics.

What are typical heat treatment processes?

Annealing​ – The annealing process involves heating a substance above its specified temperature and then cooling it back down at a suitable rate to ambient temperature. The main reason for this is to soften the metal, making it a more workable material.

Tempering​ – Tempering is usually performed after hardening and is the process of reheating metal at low temperatures with subsequent cooling in still air. Tempering a material (such as steel) helps reduce the brittleness and removes any internal stresses caused by the rapid cooling of a metal.

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