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Leading Spray Booth Manufacturers

As leading spray booth manufacturers, we are able to offer both standard and bespoke spray booths. With over 50 years of experience in this industry, our experienced designers, engineers and installation teams can build a high quality booth to meet your exact requirements. Our complete range of spray booth services and products have helped many customers find the perfect solution! Find out more below:

Our spray booths are used for the spray painting of many different products, ranging from furniture and cars, to larger equipment such as construction machinery and aircraft. Essentially, anything that needs a coating application, whether decorative or functional (or both), can require its use.

Burntwood Spray Booths
automotive spray booth manufacturers

Based in Burntwood, our booths are all manufactured in the UK at our own factory. Our equipment is always high quality, robust and designed to last in the busiest of environments. We take great pride in providing equipment that delivers high performance and reliability.

What types of installation do we provide?

Automotive Spray Booths

automotive spray booths

Our range of automotive spray booths are designed to suit every application, from the small body repair shop to vehicle manufacturing operations. All styles are incorporated in our range – from full downdraft, semi downdraft and cross-draft designs. We also provide excavated, raised floor, floor mounted rear or side wall designs. Many of our booths incorporate LED lighting, flash off systems and variable speed drives as standard.

Industrial Spray Booths

industrial spray booth

We design, manufacture and install a vast range of spray booths and ancillary equipment. The range comprises:

  • Dry filter extraction units.
  • Open fronted and enclosed dry filter spraybooths and rooms.
  • Open fronted water wash spray booths with rear water curtain, pumped and pumpless.
  • Enclosed underfloor extraction systems.
  • Large industrial dry filter spray booths for railway carriages, aircraft and large equipment.
  • Down draft spray booths for aircraft, railway carriages and construction equipment etc.
  • Waste water treatment facilities.

Using Advanced Spray Booth Technology

We use the latest spray booth technology, setting new standards in terms of energy savings and efficiency. This provides maximum flexibility when it comes to painting products, ranging all the way from mobile phones to commercial aircraft.

We manufacture small one-off booths for manual applications, to precision automated systems featuring robotic material application, multi-component material mixing/delivery and sophisticated handling equipment – all backed up with state of the art control systems.

We also offer support equipment such as air replacement plant, sludge coagulation systems, paint kitchens, de-ionisation and application equipment.

Paint Booth Safety

Our spray booths are enclosed or partially enclosed structures designed to contain and filter paint overspray – a major factor in keeping staff, the environment and any other surroundings safe. They are purposely built to be fire and explosion proof, eliminating any potential hazards that may arise when working in the controlled area.

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