Dry Filter Spray Booth

Dry Filter Spray Booth Solutions

We provide dry filter spray booth solutions, designed to extract harmful fumes from industrial environments – to ensure clean and healthy working conditions that comply with all current health and safety requirements.

Dry Filter Spray Booth System

There are two main types of filtration systems found in modern spray booths and we offer both solutions.

A water wash spray booth is ideal for manufacturing processes with an extremely high rate of production, whereas our dry filter spray booths are better suited for most other operations.

Our spray booths are extremely energy efficient, which can help reduce operating and maintenance costs. We give you the best quality equipment to assist you with your body shop operations. Contact us today on 01543 685565 for a quote!

Dry Filter Spray Booth Systems

Dry filtration systems use filters to capture and separate paint particles via an airstream, prior to discharge into the atmosphere. They are designed to create efficient, effective (and most importantly) safe working conditions for spray booth operators.

Inferior designs and poor extraction systems lead to poor quality and hazardous working conditions for people in and around the booth.

Dry Filter Spray Booth

At Unitech Machinery, we won’t compromise on quality or service. We’ll design and build a dry filtration system which meets all of your demands.

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