Commercial Vehicle Painting

We specialise in the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art paint facilities. With a proven track record and the experienced gained over 50 years, Unitech design, manufacture and install, complete paint facilities engineered to offer high quality products built to last in the most demanding of environments.

Some of the bespoke solutions we have provided include.

  • Any Size SprayBooth/Oven
  • Airflow rates suitable for booth dimensions and budget
  • Pit Extraction, Side Skirt Extraction or Rear Chest Extraction
  • High & Low-level LED Lighting solutions
  • Engineered to suit your paint finishing processes.
  • Designed to meet any restraints your building may have, helping to utilise all available space and minimise the impact on valuable floorspace.
  • Worker safety platforms for working at height.

Commercial Vehicle Painting Booths

Rail Vehicle Painting

We offer the best surface finishing equipment for a wide range of industries – including the rail sector.

Our painting booths can be designed to accomodate a range of trains and locomotives, differing in size. They are set up to provide high quality paint finishes, in a safe and clean environment.

Each booth can be custom designed to suit your exact needs, giving you the ability to carry out work on different areas of the train, both quickly and efficiently.

  • Operating temperature and ideal airflow are crucial for both operator safety and comfort whilst achieving the perfect finish.
  • Operator platforms are often required to safely and effectively reach all areas on the vehicle. These are integrated into the facility providing safe access, as well as complying with all hazardous legislations.

Our rail vehicle painting projects are delivered on time, to the highest of standards. We ensure a high quality level in surface finishing, with low operational and maintenance costs. View our recent work to find out more!

The paintwork on trains and carriages endure a hard life, due to varying weather conditions, dust and dirt, bumps and scrapes. Many operators also regularly change livery.

All of these issues mean that regular maintenance and re-finishing of vehicles is an ongoing requirement. It is therefore important to ensure that surfaces are prepared, painted and cured in the very best of environments.

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