Powder Coating Ovens

At Unitech Machinery, we design, manufacture and install specialist equipment such as powder coating ovens and paint curing ovens. We take great pride in supporting the paint and surface finishing industries – both at home and overseas. We understand the specifications for your oven will be completely unique, therefore we have a range of high quality powder coating ovens for sale, suitable for every application.

Powder Coating Ovens for Sale

We are a Midlands based manufacturer and our range of powder coating ovens and curing equipment is huge. It comprises conventional box and tunnel ovens, with multi fuel options – and a heating temperature range of 40°C to 550°C. Find out more below:

The products and processes we offer vary from heat treatment to the paint curing of all metal and plastic substrates.

We develop ovens for any size, whether its test pieces or heavy-duty construction equipment.

All industrial ovens (including our powder coating ovens) are bespoke and manufactured in-house. This ensures that the design meets your exact requirements.

The equipment we supply can fully integrate with your other plant and equipment. Our highly efficient ovens provide a long and trouble-free service, at extremely competitive prices!

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a dry finishing, multi-step process. The three main steps are:

  1. Cleaning and preparing a product prior to powder coating.
  2. Coating and spraying the product with a fine powder.
  3. Heating and curing the product in a special oven (most often known as curing ovens).

Our ovens are designed to improve the strength and durability of a material by accelerating and causing a chemical reaction. It’s able to achieve this by raising the temperature of a product to a specific limit. For example, when used in powder coating, the powdered molecules heat to a point where they bond with each other and are able to fully coat the surface.

Powder Coating Ovens

What’s involved in the process?


Before coating the product with powder, it’s important to ensure the product is clean and free from any contaminants. Any pre-existing paint, rust or other abrasive materials need to be removed in order to complete the surface preparation. This process is completed using compressed air and is carried out in a safe, efficient enclosure for abrasive blasting.

A water wash spray booth can be used if the product is covered in any residue.

Hot water or steam is used to clean and rinse the product to improve finish quality.

As a further precaution, our drying ovens can be used to heat up and evaporate any remaining water from the recently washed product.

Curing Ovens
composite curing oven


Depending on the type of product being coated (and to get a quality finish), you’ll need a spray booth which is configured to your needs.

Our spray booths provide well lit areas for the application of powder coating and are manufactured with exhaust fans to contain and filter overspray. The whole process is completed using a professional powder coating gun which offers reliable results.


Once the product is powder coated, it’s moved inside a powder coating oven where the temperatures can range from 40°C to 550°C. The product is then heated up to a certain temperature with it stabilising for a set period of time.

When the curing process has finished, the product is removed and allowed to cool before handling.

We can provide all the necessary equipment to take these steps and as a result, achieve a quality and professional finish. For a free quote, please get in touch today on 01543 685565.

Examples of our Work

Numerous of our ovens are successfully being used across the UK and abroad. Below are a few examples of our most recent projects.

Powder Curing Oven

A replacement oven for a renowned Midlands based coating specialist.

powder curing oven

Our customer required a replacement oven in their premises.

Unitech Machinery were awarded this contract, with work being completed during the Whitsun holiday period to minimise any downtime.

The oven was designed, manufactured and installed by our engineering teams – providing the customer with a high quality oven which will give many years of reliable service.

Powder Coating Facility

A powder coating facility for a leading supplier of innovative sign solutions.

powder coating facility

We recently completed a project for a Yorkshire based family run business. Dating back to 1927, they are a leader in the field of innovative sign solutions.

The facility is a complete powder coating plant, designed to fit into an existing building and is able to coat items up to 3000mm long.

Our design and production teams delivered all equipment to the site. Our site engineers then installed the high quality system. Since the start of production, the coating results from both a cosmetic and durability standpoint have been outstanding.

To make an enquiry about our powder coating ovens for sale – please contact the team today on 01543 685565. Alternatively, fill out the request form below and a member of our friendly team will be in touch.