Industrial Spray Booths

At Unitech Machinery, we design, manufacture and install a vast range of industrial spray booths and ancillary equipment. From simple preparation rooms, to large spray booths for commercial aircraft parts, we can provide a purpose built solution to suit your exact needs.

Industrial Spray Booths for Sale

Our full range comprises:

  • Dry filter extraction units.
  • Dry filter spray booths and rooms (open fronted and enclosed).
  • Water wash spray booths (open fronted) with rear water curtain – pumped and pumpless.
  • Enclosed underfloor extraction systems.
  • Large industrial dry filter spray booths for aircraft, railway carriages and other large equipment.
  • Downdraft spray booths for aircraft, railway carriages and construction equipment.
  • Wastewater treatment facilities.

All our booths provide full compliance with the relevant performance and Health and Safety legislations.

industrial spray booths for sale
industrial spray booths for sale

Our products include small one-off booths for manual applications, to precision automated systems featuring robotic material application. This could also include multi-component material mixing / delivery and sophisticated handling equipment – all backed up with state of the art control systems.

We offer support equipment such as air replacement plant, sludge coagulation systems, paint kitchens and mix rooms, de-ionisation and application equipment.

We will advise, consult and design the concept needed to paint your parts in the most effective and economical way. This goes for all types of surface finishing, surface preparation and paint drying projects.

We will complete a design concept with one of our experienced design teams to help ensure we meet your exact specifications. Whatever the process, Unitech Machinery will provide a solution.

industrial spray booth

Key Benefits

  1. Consistency: Our booths provide a controlled environment for the consistent application of coatings – helping to ensure a high quality finish every time.
  2. Safety: Paint spray booths are designed to contain flammable and hazardous materials, reducing the risk of fire or explosion.
  3. Environmental Protection: The overspray of paint and other contaminants are captured and prevented from escaping into the environment.
  4. Energy Efficient: We use the latest spray booth technology, setting new standards in terms of energy savings and efficiency. Our booths can help you to reduce your costs by minimising the amount of time required for coating applications, as well as reducing material waste.

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