Paint Kitchens and Mix Rooms

Unitech Machinery design, manufacture and install high quality paint kitchens and mix rooms, to meet your exact specifications. We can provide you the best environment to safely mix paints.

Paint Kitchens and Mix Rooms

Our paint kitchens and mix rooms complement the large range of spray booths we offer. They are manufactured in various sizes and are a standard requirement for storing and mixing paint materials. This includes thinning and blending paints prior to application, along with post application gun cleaning.


These self supporting structures are engineered to support air tight environments, which have industry leading lighting and ventilation systems.

Each room is built with priorities on strength and safety. We ensure that each paint mixing room complies with all HSE regulations and guidelines.

All mixing rooms require constant ventilation to provide worker safety. We incorporate ventilation systems that use fresh air through the enclosure, to protect operators from breathing harmful vapours. We can offer the option of heating and external siting if required.

Paint Kitchens and Mix Rooms

Many of our paint kitchens and mixing rooms also have built-in fluid containment, designed to contain the spill of any materials in the room.

Benefits of Paint Kitchens and Mix Rooms

  • By using a paint mixing room, you will limit your exposure to paint fumes and toxic compounds. The more exposure – the greater you are at risk of developing respiratory issues.
  • Paint mixing rooms also help increase productivity. They allow for efficient, organised and controlled areas to work in.
  • Having all of your supplies and equipment stored in a single, dedicated room helps reduce clutter around your facility.

Our experienced design teams can help ensure we find the perfect solution for you. If you wish to get in touch, please fill out the request form below and we’ll be happy to help.