Industrial Ovens

Our range of powder coating ovens and curing equipment is huge; comprising of conventional box and tunnel ovens with multi-fuel options and a temperature range from 40°C  to 550°C.

Conventional Ovens

Products and processes we can offer range from heat treatment to paint curing all metal and plastic substrates. We develop ovens for any size, be it test pieces to heavy-duty construction equipment, Unitech Machinery can help.

All ovens (including powder coating ovens) are bespoke, ensuring that the design and manufacture completed in-house meets the client’s precise requirements. The equipment that we supply fully integrates with our client’s other plant and equipment. Our ovens provide a long and trouble-free service, at a realistic competitive price.

All heating options are included in the powder coating ovens range, along with bespoke control systems and energy saving design.

Catalytic infra-red Ovens

Unitech Machinery Ltd are a Midlands based manufacturer of all types of finishing plant and equipment. We design, manufacture and install specialist equipment to support paint finishing and surface coating industries, both at home and overseas.

IR Drying of Paints – with Sunkiss Matherm

Within our range, we supply catalytic infra-red ovens. Since the 1950’s, Sunkiss Matherm of France has used Catalytic heated panels to originally to heat large open areas (such as places of worship), utilising the organic properties of Catalytic combustion.

This progressed into the curing of paints, dyes and inks – in fact, any organic product that is heated to accelerate the cure time. Another principle advantage is the reduction in ‘flash off’ time. Normally, ‘flash off’ is used on wet paint and it prevents the encapsulation of solvents beneath the surface of the paint. As they pop out during the curing process creating surface defects, Catalytic IR has no such problem with solvents, as it drives them out during the curing process.

This then became the trademark for the original Thermoreactor Ovens. As the UK & Ireland integrator for Thermoreactor Catalytic infra-red ovens, Unitech Machinery design the whole project, with the Thermoreactors coming in from France. Unitech Machinery have worked with Sunkiss Matherm on projects such as Leyland Trucks the biggest Thermoreactor oven in Europe.

For more information about our Infra-red Thermoreactor Ovens:

Click here to download a PDF from our international partners Sunkiss Matherm Radiation.

Click here to download our information sheet about the advantages of Infrared Thermoreactor Ovens

We also provide a range of specialist application ovens, so get in touch on 01543 685565.

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catalytic infra-red ovens
catalytic infra-red ovens
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