Water Wash Spraybooth

Water Wash Spraybooth Solutions

We provide high quality water wash spraybooth solutions, constructed from high grade stainless steel to suit a range of manufacturing requirements. In particular, they are ideal for manufacturing processes with an extremely high rate of production.

Water wash spraybooths are designed to prevent the overspray of materials: for example powder coating and spray painting applications.

Water Wash Spraybooth

Our water wash spraybooths use the latest technology to eliminate paint from the air (as well as dust and fumes) – enabling you to maintain a thoroughly safe and clean working environment. They provide an efficient air scrubbing system, using both pumped and pumpless methods of operation. The water scrubbing action effectively removes particulate matter from the airstream, whilst banks of eliminators remove excess moisture prior to discharge into the atmosphere.

Working conditions are improved and productivity is increased when a water wash spraybooth is used for capturing and removing paint particulate. Contact us today for a quote!

Standard Water Wash Spraybooth Systems

Similar to a dry filter spraybooth, a standard water wash spraybooth uses water instead of exhaust filters to efficiently catch any overspray. The spray is collected and trapped in a curtain of moving water, which is then flushed into into a collection tank below – allowing waste to be easily removed on a continual basis.

water wash spraybooth

At Unitech Machinery, we give you the best quality industrial spray booths at the most economic price. Our equipment is constructed from corrosion resistant stainless steel, giving you a spray booth which is long lasting and requires very little maintenance.

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